We know that unversity can be a stressful and it can be hard to know who to reach out to. Within our club we have a Wellbeing & Inclusivity Officer who is there for you to contact to talk about anything you wish: whether it is hockey related or not, he is there to support you. Our officer this year is Jonathan Park. You can get in touch with him via Facebook messenger, call on  07504869710 or via email at “charity@mens.euhc.co.uk”.

Alternatively the university has many bodies available to support you through this time in Edinburgh. You can get in touch with the Advice Place: they are an excellent body which are confidential advisors that can support you with any issues you have at uni; anything from finanicial issues to harrasement issues to academic issues. They are physically located in potterrow and KB house but if you can’t make it there you can look online at:


Nightline is a great student to student service where you can reach out to at anytime from 8pm to 8am.  They are a judgement free zone where you can call and just share a problem, and be pointed in the right direction for further support, if that’s what you want. You can call them on 0131 557 4444, which is on the back of your student card.

If matters are more urgent, you call university security 24/7. The service is intended to support students who are experiencing a welfare crisis which is too urgent to leave until the next working day.

Examples of a student welfare crisis might include:

– being a victim of serious crime,

– being hospitalised,

– loss of accommodation (e.g. due to fire or flood).

These may be reported by the student or by the student’s flatmates/friends/family.

They can be contacted on 0131 650 2257, which is on the back of your student card.