Captain: Ed Harris
Coaches: (TBC)

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The sevens may not be the best at hockey, the most social or the best looking hockey team but what we lack in every other department we make up for in our shared commitment to having as much fun as possible. We can promise you that we will expect very little of you hockey wise, and you can’t have the worst chat because that award has already gone to Matthew Angelini. All we require from you is a hockey stick, shin pads, gum shield and a sub-30 second pint and you’ll be just fine.

Our last two years have seen us go on team tours to Amsterdam and Prague respectively and whilst the departure of alumni such as Paddy Harper, Ryan Douglas and Andrew Taylor will hit the sevens and tour family hard this only means that there are some mighty big shoes to fill and I intend to make sure they are filled. Our aims hockey wise next year will definitely be promotion, which we should achieve now that Anthony Broderick is having a year abroad. Socially the calendar will always be filled even if Max Girkins doesn’t fancy hanging out with the Hockey boys on a Wednesday.

EUMHC 7s: Memories guaranteed, Hockey optional.

– Ed Harris (Sevens Captain ’16/’17)