Captain: Zak Mansuri

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At the 5s we balance sport with socials, with a strong game in both areas. Both getting better and better each year.

The 5s continued to dominate the middle teams of the club. Fine performance in the Edinburgh Uni derbies against the 4s and 6s led us to finish above both teams in our respective league: in the BUCS league finishing above the 4s and earning 3rd place in Scottish Tier 3 BUCS league. In our Saturday League, we finished 3rd place and will continue to look for promotion this coming season. We achieved these results with a strong team spirit, high attendance rates and a general willingness to get involved both in training and matches. If you have these attributes the 5s is for you and we can continue our high level of hockey. We are now unbeaten against the 4s in two years and a victory for the 5s in a dearby game is no longer an upset and more a normality.

It is no surprise that this year may be different with the current global situation, and although last year was cut short this by no means resulted in us losing our team ethos. Our aim to to keep the 5s spirit strong both on and off the pitch. The team will continue to involve everyone, including socials off the pitch. Socials are a big part of the 5s tradition. Although our weekly team nights out might be potentially off the calendar we will make sure that everyone feels they getting a similar great experience off the pitch next year.

With 3 of the 4 top positions in the club being held by 5s or ex 5s players, we are very much the backbone of the club and will continue to produce both key players and leaders on and off the pitch. We look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh for another great season of hockey.

– Zak Mansuri (EUMHC 5th XI Captain 2020/21)

Training Times:

Thursday 17:30-19:00, Pitch 2