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Edinburgh University Hockey Club is one of the largest clubs the University has to offer, as well as being the largest university hockey club in Scotland. With 7 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams, this club caters for all. We pride ourselves on achieving a balance between on-pitch performance and a thriving social scene. You will often find us all in the pub after a day’s hard work on the hockey field.

Which team is for me….?

We cater to a huge variety of players, from those who want to train at the highest level, including full fitness sessions, all the way to those who have never stepped foot on a hockey pitch. There will be a team for you, which will provide you with relevant coaching to greatly improve your style and quality of hockey. All the men’s teams train on Thursday evenings, with fitness sessions and further training at varying times according to your team. National and Regional league matches are played at the weekends (mainly Saturdays with occasional Sunday fixtures as well!) against senior teams from across Scotland. All Scottish BUCS and BUCS championship fixtures are played on Wednesdays. Whatever team you play in, there is plenty to get your nails into.

Pitch side

EUHC plays and trains at Peffermill playing fields, home of the Scottish Hockey Academy. This incredible facility boasts two international standard water-based hockey pitches, along with some excellent changing facilities. But what sets our club apart from any other is our advanced coaching set up. Under the guidance of the current Scottish Men’s Hockey manager, Eugene Connolly, we are the only club that provides its members with the opportunity to obtain a recognised coaching qualification through an internally run coaching course. This in turn provides the club with a wealth of qualified coaches, ensuring that every team enjoys specialist coaching. Our first team is currently coached by former Great Britain international and Olympian Graham Moodie. We also have a number of excellent umpires at our disposal. However we are always looking for more. We are fortunate to have ties with a couple of qualified umpiring coaches who will happily provide the relevant coaching to make you into that perfect official.

At What Cost…..?

Much of the annual subscription fee goes towards individual player registration within the Scottish Hockey Union. The fee also covers club association fees to the CSE which, amongst other things, permits us to have extensive use of Peffermill’s facilities. Our Annual subscription fee as it stands is £95.

This all sounds a bit serious to me…

We are looking to be one of the highest achieving clubs in Edinburgh, but this doesn’t distract from the social side of the club. We have regular social events, ranging from pub golf to team meals or just drinking at ‘our pub’ – McSorely’s. Most teams will frequently visit McSorely’s after each of their matches, making it the place to be if you are looking for some extra team bonding and amazing times. Every year we go on a Hockey Tour to a different venue, where we put our hockey and drinking skills to the test. This, along with the annual Hockey Ball are just some of the many highlights of the busy social calendar.