MOM: Jack Friend

DOD: Toby Latham

Rivalry. A word which tells you everything you need to know when discussing any fixture between the Edinburgh Uni 2s and their more talented, and better-looking, counterparts – the mighty 3s. On this occasion, the 2s had sunk even lower into the depths of depravity in their desire for victory. Not only did their side contain the two greatest traitors of the modern era, Charlie Cook and Guy Allen, but they also had the audacity to draft two first team players. Euan Christie, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. The 3s on the other hand, deprived of their superstar fresh Angus Sandison who had travelled to Durham to see his bird (tut tut tut), were forced to call upon the aid of two members of the 4s who gallantly came to their aid. As everyone could see, the odds were stacked against the 3s but everyone loves an underdog.

The game began at a frantic pace – the 3s rampant. The 3s’ onslaught was incessant as Tom Beddis and Harry Scott fed the forwards with consummate ease yet a lack of accuracy in the final third was once again their undoing. After the 3s landed a few opening blows on the chin of the 2s it was time for their adversary to repay the favour… with interest. The 2s started to dominate the midfield and ultimately broke the deadlock midway through the half. The 3s, however, responded well to this setback as they pushed hard for an equaliser. Chances fell to Jack Friend, Ruari Gillepsie and Jack Preece among others but once again they were not taken. Having hauled themselves back into contention, it was the cruellest of blows for the 2s to score on the stroke of halftime and take an unjustified 2-0 lead into the interval.

The second half followed a very similar pattern. As the 3s pushed hard for an equaliser chance after chance was made but none taken. With the 3s run ragged it is no surprise that the 2s netted two more goals in the final quarter of the match.

The scoreline of 4-0, however, does not reflect how hard fought a game this was and the 3s will take confidence into the return leg on Wednesday. As they say, “Aint not mountain high”.