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5s vs 4s by Callum Webb

Mom – Callum Webb
Dod – Gav Minty

First game of 2016, the mighty 5’s take on the 4’s yahs. Upon arriving at Peffs we were destined for a rough day on pitch, fresh Webb in classic fashion forgets the ball bag, hampering any warm up attempts.

After some early chances by the mighty 5’s we conceded an unlucky short corner and the 4’s capitalised on our mistake with a fluke volley. Clearly frustrated by this we played on but quickly let in another giving us a real challenge for the rest of the game. Traitor Marchbank had a few flairy dribbles but was quickly shut down by a strong defence. We had a couple chances in the first half including a penalty appeal but we came in at half time frustrated and slightly bitter. With an inspiring speech at half time, “ to stop bloody dribbling” – Eugene, 2016. Continue reading

4s vs 5s by Charlie Thomas

EUMHC 4s vs EUMHC 5s
23rd January 2016
DOD – Chazza T
MOM – Kenji Smith

With the opposition pumping out the sort of tunes from their dressing room which are only appropriate in places such as “The Big Cheese” on a Saturday night or Charlie Thomas’s “easy listening” playlist, the league leaders gradually assembled in the changing room across the hall. It was clear that our opposition for the afternoon, the EUMHC 5s were pumped up and fancied their chances as the underdogs in so many situations do, while we remained resolute and trusting in our abilities to once again dissipate the understudies.
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Memorable Win for Uni 1s

EUMHC 2 (Coultas, Moodie) – Kelburne 1

It was a week that had the potential to derail EUMHC’s season. An unsuccessful appeal led to a points deduction that saw the team crash from 3rd in the table to a lowly 8th, three points off the coveted 4th position. To make matters worse, the side were facing Kelburne, a team they had never taken a point off in Graham Moodie’s 7 years in charge.

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