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Wednesday 2nd February  

7s vs Falkirk and Linlithgow 4s 2-1 (James Cottis, Andrew Somerville)

4s vs 5s 3-1 (4s- Oscar Watkins, Adam Montgomery x2)( 5s- Monty Cox)

6s vs Borders 5-0 (George Tuckwell x2, Rory Hunter, George Romain, Daniel Gallant)


Sunday 7th February

5s vs Glasgow 3s 4-4 (Dan Newton x2, Cam Smith, Callum Webb)

3s vs Heriot-Watt 2s 0-0 (4-3 on p flicks)


Sunday 31st January

 4s vs Abertay 1s  6-5 (Charlie May x2, Calum Rosie x2, Will Plowden, Adam Montgomery)


Saturday 18th November

1s vs Uddingston 1s 3-3 (Antonis Efythmiou, Simon Blanschke, Chris Duncan)

2s vs Kelburne 2s 1-1 (Luke Raben)

3s vs Glasgow Uni 2s 2-1 (Jordan Fitzpatrick, Jonathon Mirapeix)

4s vs Striling Uni 2s 1-2 (Adam Montgomery)

5s vs Watsonians 3s 1-3 (Joseph Demetrios)

6s vs CALA 4-3 (Freddie Baker, Daniel Gallant, Rob Hewett, George Tuckwell

7s vs Grange 8s 3-1 (Alex Watson, Michael Bell, Charlie Price)


Wednesday 15th  November 

1s vs Nottingham Uni 2s 3-1 (Kevin Wong, David Mawhinney, Antonis Efthymiou)

2s vs Dundee Uni 3-0

3s vs Abertay 1-2

4s vs RGU 2-5 (Charlie May, Alex Pertwee)

6s vs Dundee 2s 5-2 (Freddie Baker, Daniel Gallant, George Tuckwell x2, Joe Taylor)


Saturday 11th November 

1s vs Western Wildcats 3-1 (David Mawhinney, Simon Blanshcke, Kevin Wong)

2s vs Grove Menziehill 2s 2-2

4s vs  Kingdom Holmes Carnegie 2s 4-1 (Calum Scott, Calum Rosie, Charlie May, Tom Parkes)

5s vs Grange Development 0-6

6s vs Erskine Melville 4-0 (Fraser Thompson x2, Daniel Gallant, PDM)

7s vs Kingdom Holmes Carnegie 4s 1-1 (Henry Cugley)


Saturday 4th November 

1s vs Kelburne 1-3 (Davyn Keuter)

2s vs Grange 2s 3-5 (Matt Taylor, Charlie Cook, Fergus Clark)

4s vs Watsonians 2-4 (George Frankel, Will Plowden)

5s vs Fidra Lions 2-4 (Alexander Rose, Joseph Demetrios)

6s vs Grange 7s 8-2

7s vs Cala 3s 6-1 (Michael Bell x2, Dom Sykes, James Cottis x2, Michael Wilde)

Wednesday 1st November


1s vs Birmingham 2s 3-1 (Jack Jamieson x2, Callum White)


2s vs Aberdeen 1s 2-0 (Luke Raben, Fergus Clark)


3s vs Strathclyde 2s 3-1 (Jordan Fitzpatrick x3)


4s vs Dundee 2s 4-5 (Darwin Douglas x2, Calum Rosie x2)


5s vs Heriott Watt 2s 0-2


Sunday 29th October


2s vs Uddingston 2s 4-1 (Guy Allen x2, Matthew Taylor, Nathan Liggett)


Saturday 28th October


1s vs Grange 1-4 (Davyn Keuter)


2s vs Watsonians 2s 1-0


3s vs GHK 7-0 (Hugo Howarth x3, Hamish Mackinnon x2, Kingshuk Ghosh x2)


4s vs Grange Development 1-2


5s vs Grange 5s 1-2 (Fraser Thomson)


6s vs Dunfermline 1-0 (Daniel Gallant)


7s vs Falkirk and Linlithgow 4s 1-2 (Charlie Price)


Wednesday 25th October


3s vs Strathcylde 1-0 (Hugo Howarth)


4s vs Abertay 3-8 (Will Plowden x3)


5s vs Stirling 2s 2-2 (Fraser Thomson, Murdo Lunn)


6s vs Glasgow Uni 3s 3-1 (Daniel Gallant x2, Rob Hewett)


Sunday 22nd October


1s vs Glasgow Uni 1s 3-1 (Davyn Keuter x2, Matt White)



Saturday 21st October


1s vs Dundee Wanderers 4-4 (Kevin Wong, Callum White, Davyn Keuter, David Mawhinney)


2s vs Hillhead 2s 5-1 (Nathan Liggett, Guy Allen x2, Charlie Cook, Fergus Clark)


3s vs  Falkirk 2s 6-3 (Hamish MacKinnon x2, Cameron Dye,  Hugo Howarth, Jack Friend,  Jonathan Stuart)


6s vs Alloa 7-0 (George Tuckwell x2, Danial Gallant x2, Freddie Baker, Tom Andersen Rory Hunter)


7s vs Kingdom Homes Carnegie 4s 7-1 (Fraser Thomson x3, James Cottis x2, Joe Kelly x2)

Edinburgh Uni 1s vs Dundee Wanderers Saturday 21st October

A strong start as uni found themselves 1-0 up after Kevin Wong deflected a bouncing ball into the roof of the net with his first touch. However the Dundonians scored a scrappy goal to level the game at half time. Fresher David Mawhinney restored uni’s lead after rounding the keeper and shooting from a tight angle. Wanderer’s scored two more scrappy goals before Callum White scored an important equaliser from close range. The end-to-end game had a befitting dramatic end as Dundee scored a short corner, followed by a trademark Davyn drag flick to bring uni level. Overall, it was an exciting but disappointing game seeing Edinburgh gaining just the one point.

Top Goal Scorer 17/18

Name Goals
Davyn Keuter 7
Fergus Clark 5
Monty Cox 4
Alan Oldham 3
Daniel Gallant 3
Ewen Mackie 3
Max Girkins 3
Callum White 2
Freddie Baker 2
Jordan Fitzpatrick 2
Nathan Liggett 2
Peter McKnight 2
Tom Andersen 2
Cam Smith 1
Charlie Price 1
Connor Ovenstone 1
David Mawhinney 1
Fraser Phillips 1
Freddie Filor 1
George Tuckwell 1
Gordon Amour 1
Hamish MacKinnon 1
Harry Scott 1
Ian Moodie 1
Joe Kelly 1
Kyle Buchanan 1
Luke Raben 1
Ollie Farr 1
Ralph Heville 1
Sam MacLellan 1
Stephen Demry 1
Tom Scrutton 1
Will Plowden 1

First Weekend Back Results

Sunday 17th September 

EUMHC 2s vs Uddingston 2s

0-1 Loss


EUMHC 3s vs Watsonians

1-5 Loss


Saturday 16th September 

EUMHC 2s vs Grange 2s

1-3 Loss


EUMHC 3s vs Inverleith 2s

0-8 Loss


EUMHC 6s vs Borders

3-7 Loss


Friday 15th September

EUMHC 1s vs Inverleith 1s

8-5 Win


Alumni Weekend 2017


It’s that time of year again.

Alumni, time to return once again to Edinburgh for boozy weekend full of everything you loved most about your time at university.

Freshers, a chance for you to meet those people you’ve heard us talk so much about, and learn how to properly play a game of bunnies

Plan as follows:

Friday – Meet 5 o’clock at Stramash, our sponsor pub for some drinks prior to the final big cheese of the year.

Saturday – Due to Peffermill being unavailable, this years hockey tournament will be held at Meggatland Sports Complex. From 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock there will be a 6 aside social tournament before a break for lunch. After a break for lunch (and pints) we will have the main event…. a students vs alumni mixed match. Obviously punishments for the losing side.

That evening we will meet at 8 o’clock at Stramash for a buffett before kicking a good old school pub crawl. Club details to follow!

Finally, on the sunday (and weather dependant) there will be a BBQ lunch before our very own tour secs Henry Melville and Anni Arthur take over for those of you luck and brave enough to be heading of on tour!!

Prices; £10 for Students and £15 for Alumni. To book your spot, pay into the club account and get in touch with Euan Christie or Louise Mcphillips to confirm your space (deadline Sunday 21st May) . Teams will be announced once we have everyone confirmed.

Hope to see as many of you there as possible

Euan and Lou x


Top Goal Scorer 16/17

Finlay Walker 24
Will Needham 21
Jazz Sohail 20
Jordan Fitzpatrick 19
Euan Christie 15
Ian Moodie 10
Charlie Beckwith 9
Stuart Holley 9
Dan Coultas 9
Luke Raben 7
Gavin Minty 7
Tom Ralston 7
Wouter Brunink 6
Hugo Howarth 6
Mark reid 6
Ross MacIntyre 5
Max Gerkins 5
Calum Web 5
Anthonis Efthymiou 4
Alex Satchwell 4
Jamie Wong 4
Gordon Amore 4
Monty 4
Callum White 4
Henry Allen 3
Henry Laing 3
Felix Clardige 3
Jack Preece 3
Jonny Lamb 3
Jack Henderson 3
Ethan Hodgson 3
Tom Marchant 3
Jock Brokenridge 2
Charlie Cook 2
Harvey Wood 2
Ross Morrison 2
Charles may 2
Luke Perkins 2
Jack Friend 2
Rob Hewett 2
Matt Taylor 2
Sam Angell 2
Peyter Ning 2
Peter Ning 2
Tom Wilson 2
Jack Martin 2
Freddie Filor 2
Nick Edwards 2
Nick Bryan 1
Alan Oldham 1
George Adams 1
Euan MacNaughton 1
Ru Cambell 1
Sam Robertson 1
Hamish Townsend 1
Angus Sandison 1
Andrew Sadler 1
Alex Stephenson 1
Hamish McLaren 1
Drew Kemp 1
Kenji Smith 1
Chris Wood 1
Robin Laughton 1
Ed Harris 1
Alasdair Ebdy 1
Ru Cambell 1
Sam Robertson 1
Andrew Sadler 1
Sean MaClachan 1
Scott T 1
Harry Scott 1
George Simonds 1
zubin roy 1
Ilya vaiman 1
Kyle Buchanan 1
Jordan Fitzpatrick 0
0 0

EUMHC Weekly Round Up (Week Commencing 17/10/16)

•  1’s The 1s continued their 100% record in BUCS Prem. B, north conference, with a 1-0 win over Newcastle. A hard fought victory with the hosts threatening on numerous occasions. The Edinburgh defence held firm and in the last 10 minutes, short corner specialist Antonis Efthymiou, secured the victory with a drag flick

• 3’s The BUCS fixture between Edinburgh University 4s and Edinburgh University 3s is always going to be a grudge fixture, and so it was. The 4s went in front early with a goal slid in by Luke Perkins, however when the 3s equalised through a Freddie Filor short corner scramble it was all to play for. Tension ran high in the second half, and with a few raised voices and various cards, it was great to see both teams’ passion for the win. The 4s made it 2-1 with a Felix Claridge deflection, until in the final minute where the 3’s Hugo Howarth scored off a short corner, making it 2-2. The 4s robbed of what would be a memorable win. Nonetheless, a fantastic day with brilliant performances all round

• 5 – The 5’s opened their Bucs account with a solid 4-0 victory over Aberdeen 3s. First half goals from Robin and Murdo rewarded the 5’s for their first half dominance. Second half, legs got tired and a string of Aberdeen chances followed, thwarted by the excellent Tammo. Super sub Nedwards scored the decisive goal on his debut before Tom Marchant sealed the win with a superb short corner strike, earning him Mom. 5 wins out of 5, the 5s go marching on.

– George Simonds

EUMHC Weekly Round Up (Week Commencing 10/10/16)

With the Men’s Hockey season well and truly underway most of our members enjoyed a well-earned day off this Wednesday. However, there were 2 teams still in action. The 1st XI began their defence of the BUCS North Premier B title at home to Birmingham University 2s. Edinburgh started quickly, going 3-0 up in the first 10 minutes courtesy of strikes from Jack Henderson, Ross Jamieson and Alan Oldham. The visitors managed to steady the ship and rallied to pull themselves back into the game with a goal, however this was quickly cancelled out by fresher Callum White to leave a 4-1 score line at the interval. The second half proceeded in a similar fashion to the first with Edinburgh edging possession and territory. Despite Birmingham remaining dangerous on the counter attack, EUMHC’s sustained pressure eventually told with the first XI getting their 5th and 6th goals in the afternoon to ensure a comfortable ending to the game. This result leaves Edinburgh on top of the pile after the first round of fixtures.

The only other team who were in action were the 5’s whose cup game got off to a blistering start, as they found themselves 5-0 up almost instantly. Rather than being through Calum Webb’s blistering attacking skills the real reason for this goal fest was the lack of an opposition so therefore the game had to be forfeited. Instead an extended half was played, incidentally won 3-0 by EUMHC. Goals included a lovely team goal finished by Sam Angell with Jordan Fitzpatrick scoring a dazzling solo goal. To round off the afternoon, captain Gavin Minty finally converted a penalty flick. Bring on the next round.

– George Simonds


Memorable Win for Uni 1s

EUMHC 2 (Coultas, Moodie) – Kelburne 1

It was a week that had the potential to derail EUMHC’s season. An unsuccessful appeal led to a points deduction that saw the team crash from 3rd in the table to a lowly 8th, three points off the coveted 4th position. To make matters worse, the side were facing Kelburne, a team they had never taken a point off in Graham Moodie’s 7 years in charge.

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