Author: Jack Friend


Saturday 18th November

1s vs Uddingston 1s 3-3 (Antonis Efythmiou, Simon Blanschke, Chris Duncan)

2s vs Kelburne 2s 1-1 (Luke Raben)

3s vs Glasgow Uni 2s 2-1 (Jordan Fitzpatrick, Jonathon Mirapeix)

4s vs Striling Uni 2s 1-2 (Adam Montgomery)

5s vs Watsonians 3s 1-3 (Joseph Demetrios)

6s vs CALA 4-3 (Freddie Baker, Daniel Gallant, Rob Hewett, George Tuckwell

7s vs Grange 8s 3-1 (Alex Watson, Michael Bell, Charlie Price)


Wednesday 15th  November 

1s vs Nottingham Uni 2s 3-1 (Kevin Wong, David Mawhinney, Antonis Efthymiou)

2s vs Dundee Uni 3-0

3s vs Abertay 1-2

4s vs RGU 2-5 (Charlie May, Alex Pertwee)

6s vs Dundee 2s 5-2 (Freddie Baker, Daniel Gallant, George Tuckwell x2, Joe Taylor)


Saturday 11th November 

1s vs Western Wildcats 3-1 (David Mawhinney, Simon Blanshcke, Kevin Wong)

2s vs Grove Menziehill 2s 2-2

4s vs  Kingdom Holmes Carnegie 2s 4-1 (Calum Scott, Calum Rosie, Charlie May, Tom Parkes)

5s vs Grange Development 0-6

6s vs Erskine Melville 4-0 (Fraser Thompson x2, Daniel Gallant, PDM)

7s vs Kingdom Holmes Carnegie 4s 1-1 (Henry Cugley)


Saturday 4th November 

1s vs Kelburne 1-3 (Davyn Keuter)

2s vs Grange 2s 3-5 (Matt Taylor, Charlie Cook, Fergus Clark)

4s vs Watsonians 2-4 (George Frankel, Will Plowden)

5s vs Fidra Lions 2-4 (Alexander Rose, Joseph Demetrios)

6s vs Grange 7s 8-2

7s vs Cala 3s 6-1 (Michael Bell x2, Dom Sykes, James Cottis x2, Michael Wilde)

Wednesday 1st November


1s vs Birmingham 2s 3-1 (Jack Jamieson x2, Callum White)


2s vs Aberdeen 1s 2-0 (Luke Raben, Fergus Clark)


3s vs Strathclyde 2s 3-1 (Jordan Fitzpatrick x3)


4s vs Dundee 2s 4-5 (Darwin Douglas x2, Calum Rosie x2)


5s vs Heriott Watt 2s 0-2


Sunday 29th October


2s vs Uddingston 2s 4-1 (Guy Allen x2, Matthew Taylor, Nathan Liggett)


Saturday 28th October


1s vs Grange 1-4 (Davyn Keuter)


2s vs Watsonians 2s 1-0


3s vs GHK 7-0 (Hugo Howarth x3, Hamish Mackinnon x2, Kingshuk Ghosh x2)


4s vs Grange Development 1-2


5s vs Grange 5s 1-2 (Fraser Thomson)


6s vs Dunfermline 1-0 (Daniel Gallant)


7s vs Falkirk and Linlithgow 4s 1-2 (Charlie Price)


Wednesday 25th October


3s vs Strathcylde 1-0 (Hugo Howarth)


4s vs Abertay 3-8 (Will Plowden x3)


5s vs Stirling 2s 2-2 (Fraser Thomson, Murdo Lunn)


6s vs Glasgow Uni 3s 3-1 (Daniel Gallant x2, Rob Hewett)


Sunday 22nd October


1s vs Glasgow Uni 1s 3-1 (Davyn Keuter x2, Matt White)



Saturday 21st October


1s vs Dundee Wanderers 4-4 (Kevin Wong, Callum White, Davyn Keuter, David Mawhinney)


2s vs Hillhead 2s 5-1 (Nathan Liggett, Guy Allen x2, Charlie Cook, Fergus Clark)


3s vs  Falkirk 2s 6-3 (Hamish MacKinnon x2, Cameron Dye,  Hugo Howarth, Jack Friend,  Jonathan Stuart)


6s vs Alloa 7-0 (George Tuckwell x2, Danial Gallant x2, Freddie Baker, Tom Andersen Rory Hunter)


7s vs Kingdom Homes Carnegie 4s 7-1 (Fraser Thomson x3, James Cottis x2, Joe Kelly x2)

Edinburgh Uni 1s vs Dundee Wanderers Saturday 21st October

A strong start as uni found themselves 1-0 up after Kevin Wong deflected a bouncing ball into the roof of the net with his first touch. However the Dundonians scored a scrappy goal to level the game at half time. Fresher David Mawhinney restored uni’s lead after rounding the keeper and shooting from a tight angle. Wanderer’s scored two more scrappy goals before Callum White scored an important equaliser from close range. The end-to-end game had a befitting dramatic end as Dundee scored a short corner, followed by a trademark Davyn drag flick to bring uni level. Overall, it was an exciting but disappointing game seeing Edinburgh gaining just the one point.

Top Goal Scorer 17/18

Name Goals
Davyn Keuter 7
Fergus Clark 5
Monty Cox 4
Alan Oldham 3
Daniel Gallant 3
Ewen Mackie 3
Max Girkins 3
Callum White 2
Freddie Baker 2
Jordan Fitzpatrick 2
Nathan Liggett 2
Peter McKnight 2
Tom Andersen 2
Cam Smith 1
Charlie Price 1
Connor Ovenstone 1
David Mawhinney 1
Fraser Phillips 1
Freddie Filor 1
George Tuckwell 1
Gordon Amour 1
Hamish MacKinnon 1
Harry Scott 1
Ian Moodie 1
Joe Kelly 1
Kyle Buchanan 1
Luke Raben 1
Ollie Farr 1
Ralph Heville 1
Sam MacLellan 1
Stephen Demry 1
Tom Scrutton 1
Will Plowden 1

First Weekend Back Results

Sunday 17th September 

EUMHC 2s vs Uddingston 2s

0-1 Loss


EUMHC 3s vs Watsonians

1-5 Loss


Saturday 16th September 

EUMHC 2s vs Grange 2s

1-3 Loss


EUMHC 3s vs Inverleith 2s

0-8 Loss


EUMHC 6s vs Borders

3-7 Loss


Friday 15th September

EUMHC 1s vs Inverleith 1s

8-5 Win