Many of the successes of EUMHC are thanks to the dedication of a huge number of volunteers. Whether it’s organising fixtures, running the club website or umpiring – everyone gets stuck in. Sadly, the world doesn’t run on these favours and promised VK’s, so for everything else we need to fundraise. Being poor students we try to keep membership fees to a minimum and so here’s where we look to our friends and alumni.

For the cost of a pitcher of beer (£10 at the hallow turf of McSorleys) a year, you would be able to help to continue employing high quality coaches, buy new safety equipment and replace those missing balls.

As we look to continue to support the performance aspect of the club and aid the advancement of the 1stX1, your money would moreover be used to fund any future qualifications for the Club European Championships. Thus, any donation would go and incredibly long way in supporting the club’s ambitions to improve and challenge amongst the best clubs in the European hockey.

For information on setting up a direct debit, please head to the alumni donation page and follow the steps as below;