Mom – Callum Webb
Dod – Gav Minty

First game of 2016, the mighty 5’s take on the 4’s yahs. Upon arriving at Peffs we were destined for a rough day on pitch, fresh Webb in classic fashion forgets the ball bag, hampering any warm up attempts.

After some early chances by the mighty 5’s we conceded an unlucky short corner and the 4’s capitalised on our mistake with a fluke volley. Clearly frustrated by this we played on but quickly let in another giving us a real challenge for the rest of the game. Traitor Marchbank had a few flairy dribbles but was quickly shut down by a strong defence. We had a couple chances in the first half including a penalty appeal but we came in at half time frustrated and slightly bitter. With an inspiring speech at half time, “ to stop bloody dribbling” – Eugene, 2016.

The squad came out the dugouts pumped for the second half. We kept the pressure high and scored a MOM Minty goal with just 15 mins left on the clock. Our talisman Kieran Lamb nagged us on from the sidelines drawing warning from umpires, teammates, coaches and opposition alike however his praises could not convince the forwards to convert and the fresh dry spell continues. We earned a short corner in the last play of the game but we couldn’t convert and left the field with a stinging defeat.

Post match drinks at Malones with no food – surprise – and followed by a Prow for most

Webb out x